Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Heart Chalkboard Paint!

For my second post of the day, I got bored and needed a new project. I looked around the apartment, and what did I see? Some flour and sugar containers! They were white and beautiful. But they were missing something....CHALKBOARD PAINT! I had some chalkboard paint leftover from making my chalkboard frame that hangs on the pantry door, so I decided to make some labels for the canisters. 

Here they are before the project began. I grabbed all of my supplies: 

Chalkboard Paint
Newspaper (to catch the extra paint) 

I didn't use a stencil or painter's tape because I didn't have either at home, but you can use either if you would like. I just wanted all of the canisters to have a similar shape and size, so I went for it! 

Here are the canisters after the first coat of paint...

Then I waited 30 minutes and painted the second coat (be sure to wait at least 30 minutes until you add another coat, because if the paint is not fully dry, it will chip away when you try to paint another coat). 

Here's after the second coat.

And the third...

Here they are on the kitchen counter...


I hope y'all enjoyed my cute afternoon project! Try it on your own and post pictures for me to see!! 

-Abby :)

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