Sunday, September 18, 2011

Meal planning, an art.

First of all, I would like to say I have decided to start a tradition. I will be posting twice a week in order to NOT overwhelm myself with blogging. 

That said, I have been trying to plan meals for Joseph and I while also saving money at the grocery store. I tried using coupons, but I was not dedicated enough to save much money. Since I do not have a whole lot of free time, I have decided to shop at Aldi and Publix (Aldi is great for produce and the essentials, while I shop the sales at Publix weekly.) If anyone else has ideas about how to shop smartly, let me know! 

So, as far as meals for the next few weeks, I have come up with a list of recipes I am using, and then we can choose what we want to eat each night. Previously, I made a weekly menu with a certain food for each night, but it got confusing and we ended up not following the meal plan. Since we have a handy chalkboard on our pantry door, I am using that to write all of the choices down and cross them off as we eat each meal. 

Here is a close up of our menu for the next two weeks...we will have leftovers some nights...

...and a view from our dining room. 

As for the recipes, Pinterest has been my best friend since we got married. It is great to find recipes from blogs and friends. I enjoy tweaking the ingredients to things that we have in the apartment already if we're running low on food. I would also like to share a few of my favorite recipes with y'all so far....

We tried this for a dinner party paired with asparagus and it was a hit! 

This is a healthier version of the chili we all love. AND it tastes GREAT! I made a whole crockpot full and put some in the freezer for a night when I don't want to cook. 

This was great to make ahead of time and get Joseph to pop it in the oven on my way home from work one night....and DELICIOUS! One of his friends came over for dinner and really enjoyed it! 

These are great! I am loving everything I make from! This recipe was so easy and I already had everything to make it in my fridge. She also makes some Great Chicken Enchilada pockets that I have yet to try. 

That is all I have so far, but I would like to add that without the internet, I would probably be failing as a cook. I would also say that whenever I am too tired or can't think of anything to cook, my wonderful husband usually comes up with something AWESOME! 

Ta Ta for now! 


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