Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A long time coming

Well folks, it's been a week and a half since I posted last. Last week, I worked my first overtime shift ever. It wasn't bad, but the difference between working 3 12-hour days and 4 is drastic. It only makes it worse that my 4th shift was on Saturday (the day of the Arkansas game!). I fortunately got off work early due to a low census and watched the 2nd half of the game at home (while Joseph was AT the game:) - I was jealous!). Needless to say, 4 days of work is exhausting! We shall see if it is worth it when I get paid on Friday. 

Now...on to other things. When I started this blog a few weeks ago, I wanted to let our friends and family know about our life together so far, so it is only appropriate to now show some pictures of our apartment! Be warned that not everything is clean, and I do not like if you ever come over it's probably going to be messy. Anyway, on to the pictures...

This is the couch (and loveseat  - below) that Joseph's great aunt and uncle graciously gave us. They needed a little bit of coordinating color to make them work with the room, but that's where the pillows and painting come in! I'm actually thinking about changing it up a little bit possibly in the spring with some blue pillows and a different wall hanging to make the orange less dominant in the room...but we'll see!

...and this is what the loveseat normally looks like. Pretty, huh? Haha. This is where I usually put clean laundry when I'm too lazy to put it up, then I have to work and it gets put off for a few days. That will all change later today, though! 

This is the wall across from our couches. You can't see it, but there's a wood-burning fireplace below the pictures!! We cannot wait to use it, and Joseph has already been chopping wood for it. The painting in the middle is a beautiful one that my mom's good friend from church did for us. She took our wedding invitation and put in on the canvas, then painted on and around it! What a great way to keepsake your invitation! I might try this as wedding gifts for friends. 

The perfect little corner that houses our tv and tv stand.

 The hallway before you get to the living room. Here hangs our beautiful sign that Liz Shults made. She also has a wonderful blog that you should check out here.


 Ahh...the bedroom. This has been a source of stress for me as far as decorating goes. I do not know what to put on the wall above our bed, and I'm just not the most creative person, so I've done other things to get my mind off these blank walls.

The bed frame, on the other hand, is my favorite part of the room. Why? you ask? because Joseph and his great uncle secretly made it as my wedding present. It's amazing! 

The bed itself, which is now covered with my quilt I used on my bed in college (bought at Dirt Cheap in Tuscaloosa, great find) will soon be covered with this beautiful duvet from Pottery Barn, thanks to a great wedding gift certificate! 


 Here is the wall across from the bed. It houses my vanity, and the dresser and TV. I plan to have this be the wall of pictures, I just haven't accumulated enough picture frames yet! 

 The wall leading to the bathroom is the only one that is finished. This initial was made by my good friend, Katherine for our engagement party! I got the frame from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, which you should all check out. 

So that is all I will show you for now. The rest of the apartment is too dirty for anyone's eyes to see. I cannot wait to get our new duvet cover in the mail, which I just ordered today. I will update all of you once we finish decorating the bedroom! 

Enjoy your hump-day! 


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