Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Twenty Twelve: A new year, a new beginning

I hope everyone's holidays went well...as for the Randall clan, we spent the holidays in Huntsville (my first christmas without my original family). It was weird to be away from my family, but I LOVE my new family and we had so much fun! 

For new years, Joseph and I had some friends come up to his family's farm in Mulberry, TN. It was so beautiful up there, and our puppy, Dexter LOVED it! 

This is Dexter! He is a lab/hound/great dane? Well, let's just say he's going to be a BIG DOG! Hehe. 

So now we write 2012 on all our paperwork instead of 2011. I have not made any new year's resolutions except to love God and the people in my life better. Hope you achieve your resolutions! 

Abby :)

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